Climate impacts and resilience under present and future scenarios 

CS4RRA, Third Hybrid Webinar. Dakar, Senegal, February 8th, 2024, 9h00-15h30 GMT 


*Time [1]   Plenary (In Situ & Remote) Welcome and opening ceremony Master of Ceremony Prof Mohamed BEN OMAR, UCAD 

  • Welcome address by the Vice Chancellor of the University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD; In-Situ) 
  • Ambassador of Germany in Senegal (in-situ) and BMBF, Pia SEIDEL (remote) 
  • Ambassador of France in Senegal (in-situ) and MESRI, Jean ALBERGEL (remote)
  • Opening speech by the Minister of High Education and Scientific Research of Senegal (In-Situ) 


9:30-10:30                      Plenary (In Situ & Remote) Keynote and Panel discussion  

Moderator: Amadou Thierno GAYE (UCAD-LPAOSF, member of WCRP Joint Scientific Committee)     Rapporteurs:  

  • Mbayang THIAM (UCAD-WASCAL) and Cheikh Noreyni FALL (UCAD-LPAOSF) 
  • Khady Yama SARR (UCAD-WASCAL) and Marie Jeanne SAMBOU (UCAD- LPAOSF) Two keynote speakers: 
  • Ibidun ADELEKAN (University of Ibadan-AU-EU Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Partnership) 
  • Bramka Arga JAFINO (World Bank):  Estimates of the Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Poverty 


10h30-11h: Coffee break



Parallel Session 1   Knowledge production, management and sharing, partnership to increase resilience


Moderator Session 1: Aminata NDIAYE (UCAD and MESRI) 

    Rapporteur Session 1: Mbayang THIAM (UCAD-WASCAL) and Cheikh Noreyni FALL (UCAD-LPAOSF) Speakers: 

  • Björn FIEDLER (University of Kiel-GEOMAR): Future of the marine ecosystem off West Africa - a scientific, multi-scale and multilateral approach towards sustainable ecosystem management. 

  • Ifeoluwa Adebowale BALOGUN, (FUTA Akure-WASCAL): Climate Change and Extreme weather, past, present and future trends and the need for improved forecasting in West Africa. 
  • Awa Niang FALL (GIDEL): Vulnerability of the coastal zones in West Africa and impact of climate change on fisheries. 
  • Brile ANDERSON (OECD): Work with cities to use open spatial data to guide expansion towards a resilience/adaptation (SWAC) 
  • Joseph DARON (University of Bristol-MetOffice): Advancing climate services and building climate resilience through partnerships. 




Parallel Session 2   Vulnerability of socio-ecosystems and development sectors to climate change: resilience and 

adaptation options


Moderator Session 2: Mame Penda BA (UGB) 

    Rapporteurs Session 2Khady Yama SARR (UCAD-WASCAL) and Marie-Jeanne SAMBOU (UCAD-LPAOSF) Speakers: 

  • Mbaye DIOP (ISRA): Sahelian agriculture between falling productivity and climate change: the case of Senegal. 
  • Assane BEYE, (WASCAL-UCAD): Smart farming for increasing agricultural productivity under climate change: evidence from the Senegal peanut basin. 
  • Adama SARR (UGB and CSE): Resilience of socio-agro-ecosystems to climate change: impossible to adapt? 
  • Aida DIONGUE-NIANG (ANACIM): On recent advances in the development and use of climate services for risk reduction. 
  • Benoit HINGRAY (IGE): Urban electricity consumption for cooling in west and central Africa. Recent trends and perspectives for a climate service for the energy sector. 






Parallel sessions continue (finalizing reports); in situ and remote


14h30-15:30          Plenary (In situ and Remote): Reporting of parallel sessions and conclusions Moderator: Martin YELKOUNI (University of Lyon-IAD) Reporters: 

  • Mbayang THIAM (UCAD-WASCAL) and Cheikh Noreyni FALL (UCAD-LPAOSF) 
  • Khady Yama SARR (UCAD-WASCAL) and Marie Jeanne SAMBOU (UCAD)